Referring New Residents

St Anne's takes referrals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, if a vacancy is available. We cater for single males 25 years old and over.

There is no upper limit although residents need to be fully mobile and have only low needs. To secure accommodation they will need proof of income, identification and £70.70 for two weeks rent in advance.

Please call 0121 772 4406 if you wish to see if a vacancy is available.


Annual Report launched

St Anne’s Hostel, the Birmingham-based hostel for men aged over 25, has launched its latest annual report…….

Download Here

Please contact the hostel manager on 0121 772 4406 if you wish to make a donation or offer assistance to St. Anne's Hostel.


Although we buy furniture that will last and survive the wear and tear of a busy environment, there is always the need to replace pieces and purchase furniture for those moving in to the Park View sheltered accommodation. We would like to establish a contingency fund of £400 for this use during the next six months. Please click here if you would like to give to this fund.


Everybody needs a bit of rest and relaxation once in a while and it's no different for our residents. St Anne's tries to organise a couple of residents' events a year. They provide an opportunity to relax, have fun, form friendships and socialise in a comfortable environment. We are currently looking to raise £300 for events and activities, covering expenses such as minibus hire, entry to attractions, and food. Please click here if you would like to give to this fund.


Football is very popular amongst the residents (and their dogs) and watching the match in a safe, alcohol free environment has many benefits, especially if your team is winning! Installing Sky in the hostel's TV room will mean residents do not have to go to a pub to meet, have fun and watch the match. A special rate offered by Sky means that a year's subscription will cost approximately £1000, and this includes films and other programmes to watch when the football is not on. If you would like to help give residents the opportunity to watch premier league football, please click here.