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Activities & Skills Sessions

A big part of being a resident at St Anne’s is the access to activities and skills sessions. These sessions provide our residents with the opportunity to develop skills they already have, but to also learn new skills that could help them in their journey towards getting away from a life of homelessness.

They are also an opportunity to provide a safe environment in which to share difficult thoughts and feelings they may be going through as a result of the situation they are currently in.

Currently, the regular sessions on offer to our residents are Cooking On A Budget, House Bids, CV Writing, Job Searching, Gardening, Quiz Time, Group Discussions and Counselling.

We’re lucky enough to have a dedicated staff who can run these sessions on a regular basis, but this is something we would not be able to do without your donations. If you’d like to help us continue with these sessions more regularly and even expanding what we have on offer so that we can provide homeless men with the skills needed to get off the streets, please donate what you can today.