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The Growing Project

We’re pleased to be collaborating with Grand Union to develop a public festival run by vulnerable and homeless people. This public programme will offer creative engagement and training opportunities to transform parts of the city through a city centre growing project.

Since 2010, Grand Union have worked with and for local communities. Their work develops and supports quality artistic activity and experiences, exploring new contexts for public to engage with art.

The aim of the Growing Project is to ‘Green-Sense’ the city by undertaking ‘food growing’ in order to improve sites across Birmingham – sites that will be developed, tended, and nurtured by homeless people. The aim is to change the perception of vulnerable people in crisis and those experiencing homelessness, and demonstrate how they can make positive contributions to society.

Here are just a few lovely snapshots of what The Growing Project has produced at St Anne’s in such a short amount of time since it began…

There will be a series of celebration events, workshops, training sessions and talks for volunteers and public which focuses on food, gardening and ecology, providing opportunities for them to come together with people from the wider community. The project will culminate in a public dinner, where guests and hosts can share stories, food and conversation.

More updates will be added to our website as the project develops. For more information, you can also visit the Grand Union website.