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World Homeless Day: Meet The Residents

Today (10th October) marks World Homeless Day, when we recognise people living without homes around the world and pledge to help in some way. With this in mind, we wanted to highlight some of the wonderful stories from St Anne’s that show the amazing job our hard-working staff do everyday to make other people’s lives better. So, here are 3 such stories about 3 individuals who have benefited from their time at St Anne’s…


Mr X’s Story

Mr X was a happy go lucky guy who arrived at the hostel with his canine companion on a summers evening. It was his first time in a hostel and he was feeling very vulnerable. Mr X was 45-years old and had suffered a turbulent childhood. He had battled with an Alcohol dependency since his teenage years. It was his Alcohol misuse that was a big contributor to his relationship breakdown and reason for becoming homeless. For the first time in his life he found himself alone, he had never lived alone and had very little life-skills or knowledge of how to manage a tenancy.

Within weeks of being at the hostel he was engaging with outside agencies to support him with drinking Alcohol dependency. This gave him the inner strength to attend support groups to help him through this difficult time. After spending several months in the hostel he was transferred to Parkview Project to build the necessary life skills to maintain a tenancy. With support from outside agencies and staff at St Anne’s, Mr X became self-reliant and was maintaining his tenancy. He is now ready to be resettled into the community and is making positive life changes for the future.

Mr A’s Story

Mr A was a well-mannered friendly man who came to St Anne’s after being evicted from his private tenancy because the landlord was selling the property.

It was the first time he had to face homelessness or be in a hostel. He found the hostel environment very daunting and isolating at first, but due to his bubbly character he soon made friends. He only lived in the hostel for a short time and was encouraged to move to Wyndcliff supported house in the community. This enabled him to build his confidence and maintain his independence.

Whilst living in the supported house he engaged with the support services who helped him to find permanent move-on accommodation. Due to Mr A being proactive and using the service available to him he was successful in securing a tenancy with Birmingham City Council. For the first time in several years he is now working full time for a well-known supermarket. He has progressed with this tenancy and is enjoying rebuilding his life in the community.

Mr W’s Story

Mr W was referred to St Anne’s after spending several months rough sleeping. He was 28 years old, very fail and suffered with a substance addiction. After several months of support sessions with his keyworker he was keen to get support and overcome his addiction. He was referred to outside agencies for support with his substance misuse and recommended for a detox. He was asked to go for an assessment but felt very nervous and unsure, so as a result of this his keyworker went along for support.

To his delight he was accepted on the detox programme. Mr W spent 2 weeks on the detox programme followed by 12 weeks in residential rehab. He successfully completed his detox with such a success that he was asked to become volunteer for the organisation. He is now resettled back into the community and to this day Mr. W is still volunteering and calls into St Anne’s every now and then to update staff on his progress and thanks the staff for helping him rebuild his life.


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